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Meet you there. OK?
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I think most are afraid to try anything with them. Mechanically its real easy to screw them up. Even what I am doing might not be strong enough to strap things down tightly.
My first idea was to sell my bags and buy something else that is meant for what I have planned. But I am one of those poor BMW owners. To spent 1500-2000 on luggage is insane in my finacial situation would be selfish and careless. I would have to give myself a huge kick in my own ass if I spent that money like that. For what? A few more liters of storage? Vario 37-45 liters is not bad. The Tourtech stuff is only a liter more. I know they are stronger. And I would like them. But I already have these. SO I will use them until they are beat to crap. Hopefully the Footman thing works out. It would be a shame if it just ripped the cover off the door. I assume if i just strap things down tight enough it should be ok.
Screw this shit. I'll meet you there.....
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