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Fork replacement guidelines


You have provided much entertainment and quality build information for us all. Thanks.

One thing that keeps me wondering is the talk of replacing DR forks with RMZ or DRZ or KTM forks. Can you give us a concise list of the changes that are necessary to do these swaps. For instance, for DRZ to DR will the triple tree just swap across without mods to the frame bearings? What about for RMZ and KTM. I guess I am looking for an idea about the extent of mods that are needed for each. Are there some years that are better? I would attempt a swap if things just bolt together but I don't really have the means to do machining or welding.

I believe you also have a DR350S. I have the same question for a DRZ to DR350S.

Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
I tried the Gold valves and upgraded springs. I thought they were great at the time.

I looked at a couple of guys bikes that had DRZ 400 forks with heavier springs and revalving. To tell the truth, the DRZ option still appeals to me. I have another DR (my sons bike that I have inherited along with the loan due to his newly arrived daughter) with the upgraded standard forks. I'm going to start using it to ride to work soon, so I might end up doing some modifications.

For my trail riding DR I decided to go with the RMZ suspension swap.

I chose the RMZ because I wanted motoX suspension travel and the adjustability. I have to say, it was worth swapping just to be able to adjust the compression and rebound front and rear.

Using all the RMZ parts unmodified was the tough decision. I wanted to make it so I could buy stuff straight off the shelf. So that meant modifying the frame to take the rear end. The first cut is the hardest. After that failure drives you forward.

For my standard DR I'm thinking of concentrating on getting it sorted using all genuine Suzuki parts, and keeping it looking as standard as I can. So I'm thinking DRZ swap. It will also keep it closer to standard height.

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