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Originally Posted by Rollmo View Post
Very much looking forward to these products. My GS could use a smooth throttle response.

I don't doubt that the stock ECU isn't tuned to provide optimum performance. My question is why would BMW not install stock ECU's that tune the engines to perfection from the get-go? Is it laziness? Emissions laws? Cost-cutting? Lack of knowledgeable personnel?

Perhaps this has already been addressed, but I didn't see it after reading/skimming of this thread.

It's probably a little of everything you mentioned. Poor drivability is usually driven by emissions regs. For good drivability to survive the design process costs money and requires qualified people and components. With a loyal customer base, and without any equivalent competition from the big 4, the factory may not have had much motivation.

The ECU already has the 'right maps' as it were. The ones we want are just in a different area. And what our products do is access them.


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