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Meet Juan Pelota. I don't know if that's his real name, or if he has a name at all. Its the name I gave him because for some reason, I thought of Juan Pelota, the name of the coffee bar at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop, owned by Lance Armstrong, in Austin, Texas. But this hog isn't a Texas hog, he's a Mexican hog. And he doesn't live on the route we were taking to Veracruz (the city) either, but far off the beaten path. His pen is on a hillside behind a house in Tlapacoyan, Veracruz state, with a lot of other hogs. Their Mexican owner has been labled by the United States Government as a criminal. I think he's a hero.

That story, next.
Errrrr, where's the commercial break following the teaser??
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