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Pissed My HID Install (short One)

I recently installed an HID system on my 2010 GS (low suspension, no ESA). I used DDM Tuning's 35 watts, 4500K for the high and low beams. Reason being that I had these on my '08 Ducati 1098S and they did not fail for the 2 years and 75000 miles that I had them on. Rode in heavy rain lots of times as well so I know they work. On the Duc I had teh 3000k and they were fine so I wanted to try the next step up with the 4500k.
I installed them in no time but unfortunately, broke both spring bulb clips groove or tabs (that flimsy plastic piece). Shit always happens when I rush to do stuff (could not help it as I was just excited). I decided to take off the headlight unit which is super simple as only 2 screws (and 3 plugs) hold/attach to it.
To fix the clips, I used a bit of epoxy and made a new groove where the clips sit and used a washer and the stock screw.
After this was fixed, it was easy to install the HID set up. A 1" hole saw made the perfect hole in the caps.
The back of the digital slim ballasts already have a stick bak adhesive but I stuck a heavy duty snap lock velcro? (like that used on the EZ Pass) on it and mounted them on the front part of the gas tank. Still on the not facing forward and well hidden. The igniter is also hidden from view. The 4 wires coming out of the cap are wrapped in fabric tape and tucked underneath the small black plastic cover on each side of the bike. its like a trim piece.
I will try and post pics here. Can't seem to post and I am using cell phone jpg!
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