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Originally Posted by grubbie View Post
Agreed on the 230. Depends on what kind of riding you want to do with it. A motocross bike, it ain't. In order to get a better suspension, you gotta spend a little more money. The WR on the other hand, I disagree. At first I had the same thoughts as you, but after riding it for a while, I have learned to work the clutch a little on the technichal stuff. Or,...I just go a little faster. The suspension of this bike makes it easy. You can always re-gear if it is still not low enough. The thing just rocks. I have to admit though, I still sneak out on the wifes 230 every now and then when she ain't lookin....
I currently own both bikes. I have 10+ years of on road riding, and have been doing more offroad in the last year... i'm selling the WRR (blasphemy, i know) for the CRF. Two totally different bikes, but I was never able to have enough control over the throttle at low speeds on the WRR and feel like it's just a matter of time before I wreck because of that. Much more control of the CRF in tight trails. Mind you - my love for the WRR is greater, but don't tell the CRF. I'm sure when we spend more time together we'll bond some more.
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