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November 27th to December 11th! Here in the Mountain Side of Maryland we celebrate the time honored tradition of "White Tail Deer" hunting season. For two weeks the men (and just like motorcycling ) and women take to the woods with various caliber rifles depending on your individual preference. But before the big day you need to go to "The Range"!
Fort Hill Rifle and Pistol Club is one of numerous ranges around the Cumberland area. They are very nice ranges that accommodate everything from pistols and small arms with one range that includes 100yd range, and a variety of shorter ranges for small arms and pistols. Another range several miles outside the city with a rifle range only and the 300 yd range for the truly high powered rifle. These pics don't do them justice, but for your viewing pleasure...!!

This day we where on the range just outside of town this gentleman had I believe it was a special .22 cal match competition rifle with a bull barrel

This about 100yds out from the targets on the 300yd range. There are pop up targets from behind the mound identical to a military range set up.

Same range a little farther back about 175 yds

I was just at the near town range the other day with one of my rifles and my pistols sighting them in. Now if I could combine riding, shooting firearms, and photography..... !
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