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You can, guess you have never been dual sporting in WV

Hey WVH I thought we lost you to the northern tundra for the winter? Glad to see ya. Here in the "Peoples Republic of Maryland" I am lucky to have firearms. That is one of many reasons I am very proud of and enjoy living here in the Western Maryland mountains. All the NORMAL people live up here and know how to enjoy the finer things in life. Seriously Western Maryland seems to be one of the best kept secrets in Maryland, and that is ok with me. More for me!

Your pic of the M 14 really brings back memories. Last weapon I carried in the Corps , besides my trusty 1911A1. ;-)

We where on the range that day and this great young man whom I could tell was still serving (regulation haircut) had all his gear here and was playing around at about 100 yds at that first mound of targets. You notice of course there is not scope on that rifle, and he was laying in some good groupings. Glad he is one of our boys! We have a lot of retired, and current military here in the Cumberland area. It seems like this is the Cumberland version of Pensacola for retirees from the military up here. They don't retire they just stay active though, and enjoy the deserved fruits of there labors. Some of the folks around here have firearm collections that would rival a Cabelas museum room.
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