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Originally Posted by Kiko View Post
This picture of the hog is reminding me of the rider last year on ADV who said he was afraid to ride to Mexico because he could get the swine flu virus and die or worse yet, be trapped in Mexico because he could not re-enter the US with the swine flu.
I've been tempted to feign the swine flu so that I would be stuck in Mexico.

*Ring* *Ring*

"Hi, this is Bryan"

"Hi, Boss. Got some bad news. ICE won't let me back into the US
from Mexico 'cause they think I have the swine flu. Real sorry, but there's nothing I can do. Good news is I did bring my company laptop so I can work from here until they've cleared me to re-enter."

"Wow! Sorry to hear that! But thanks for being such a good employee and being willing to do whatever it takes to get the work done. Where will you be working from?"

"Why thanks Boss. See you in a few weeks. Oh, yeah, I'm in a little village called Galeana."
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