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Originally Posted by tmex View Post
Hey, if you can do it I take my hat off to you. Not all of us are Jimmy Lewis. I readily acknowledge that an excellent rider can manage the bike while never leaving the pegs. I can't. I am not that good. I need to dab in many technical situations. My post was not meant to either insult people with short legs or extoll my own abilities. If I was a better rider I would not have lowered the bike. I am not going to become that good in my lifetime, and I want to enjoy riding the bike in difficult terrain. I suspect the majority of F8 owners are at my general skill level, and to those of them with short legs there is no reason not to get your feet closer to the ground.

Since you bring him up... here is what he has to say about bike height:

"That last point was for the general public, I never ride with my feet on the ground and I can always plant one even on the tallest machines. If you have to do the "Harley Waddle" then you need to learn to balance better and take a riding lesson before you adventure."

To put it in context, read this here:
Whenever we are riding, we are an ambassador to our sport

I'd rather be riding!

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