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Originally Posted by johnjen View Post
Uh, were not sure at this moment. It's that total # that sorta complicates the issue.

But right now it looks like 3 or 4 devices, and most will have multiple functions. The pencil is being pushed around on the paper with circles and arrows and some head scratching thrown in just to help fill in the mental picture a bit.

But since several of the devices need to be designed twice, once for the older and then again for the newer CanBus equipped bikes, it makes the count a bit more complicated.

I have a '99 R1100GS. It runs great, overall, but...

1. starting requires what feels like two complete revolutions (and always has, no matter state of tune, battery condition, etc.),

2. it "drags" a bit when moving off from a standstill (as you've mentioned above), and

3. most importantly, there is a very noticeable flat spot between 4,000 and 5,000 rpm

So...would I be wanting three separate devices to address each issue, and would it make sense to install each as they become available? I was imagining a set of devices that would best be installed and adjusted simultaneously, based on your comments about the interaction between them.

I'm as psyched as many others about this project...good on you two!
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