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You can get a beam wrench (like in your picture) $20 or so. Best thing is they never have to calibrated. You'll only use it on stuff like your axle nuts & frame bolts, so it's great. When you're tourqing something to 75 ft pounds, a few pounds either way isn't going to hurt so accuracy isn't as important. OTOH - something only requiring 5 ft pounds/60 inch pounds requires a bit more 'touch'.

You can get a good 1/4 inch (inch pounds) clicker wrench for less then $100. That's where you'll strip most of your bolts anyway so invest the bigger chunk o cash on the smaller wrench. I've seen some 'new' wrenches that work like a clicker but never need to be calibrated. Some day I may save up enough to get one like that....

There's my .02....
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