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one of the reasons you can find these bikes cheap is that they get wrecked regularly, many times after just a few miles on the road. this bike still has the nubs on the tires.

when i know a kid has had his hands on something automotive related, i'm naturally suspicious. sorry, that's just the way it is based on my experience. 999 out of a 1000 just can't turn a wrench these days. video games yes, wrench no.

this is the second bike in a row with a botched generator cover repair. in both cases, the kid tried initially to patch it up with JB Weld. predictably, it didn't work.

when that didn't work, the cover was removed. why a replacement cover wasn't purchased is anyone's guess, just don't know. the damaged cover was reinstalled and the bolts snugged up, no gasket, no RTV...except this is the way it was left inside the now attached cover.

the stator coil was left loose and not bolted to the back of the generator cover, while the leads were not secured behind the clamp. the leads were actually pinched on the mating surface and need a little repair.

i wasn't sure how much oil was in the engine, and looking at that cover, i wasn't tempted to hit the starter button. close call for sure.
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