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Thumbs down Fish, you ain't alone

I was taken in by the guarantee also. How could I go wrong. The seat was promised to be as good as a Russell and cheaper or my money back. An absolute no hassle promise. I cancelled my Russell order and started my descent into RMS hell. Once I declared the seat totally unsuitable (and it was truly awful) I was relegated to "ignore" status. I was phone blocked, E-mails ignored and pretty much the same experience as Fish. But then the rally season was upon us and the opportunity to see Rick in person made it possible to attempt a resolution. He declared the seat to be improperly built and he wanted to "adjust" it. Well, he did the original measurements, took pictures and built a piece of crap. I didn't want an adjustment, I wanted my money back. I was accused of everything from being a drunk to a person who had some kind of need to defame Rick. It was a full on attack. What a guy. I have since replaced the seat with, drum roll please, a Bill Mayer Saddle. And yes I am happy with this build. I was pleased to meet Bill long after this ordeal started. I wish I had met him first.
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