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WINGS Exhaust Install and Review

First impressions:

I opened the box and saw a nicely finished exhaust.

The muffler has polished stainless steel end caps affixed with stainless steel rivets and an anodized, brushed center section.

My particular muffler came with the orange/black Wings logo that I love because my 640 is orange.
(Baja dirt sold seperatly)

An added bonus with the muffler was the included (installed) sound restrictor/ spark arrestor. I ran my entire trip (3500+ miles) with this in place

You will also find a muffler clamp, soap solution and connecting pipe. The connecting pipe is needed because of the mammoth size of the stock exhaust dwarfs the Wings replacement

I don’t have weights for the new pipe as I got a little excited...


For the install I removed the seat, plastic side panel, the three muffler hangers and two springs.

Keep and eye on those springs when you remove them or use a spring tool!

Remove the stock exhaust and you have something like this

I attached the connecting pipe first with both springs. The first spring is easiest because you may move the pipe in that direction. The second spring is where you may want a helper to push the pipe in the direction of the connectors so you don’t have to over stretch it. Better yet use a spring tool!

I then attached one hanger to the connector and rear sub frame. Slid the wide clamp over the muffler and the muffler over the connector pipe.
You may want to consider where the Allen head is facing should you need to tighten the clamp, with the plastic on the bike, after you have ridden the bike a few miles

Then the band and last hanger are attached. Note that both ends of the band go on the outside of the hanger

You will have one stock exhaust hangers left over.

Drink your beer or ginger ale and pat the dogs for not getting in the way.

Ride impressions:

My bike is a 2005 KTM 640 Adventure. When I installed the exhaust I had 400 miles on the clock and was leaving for Baja. Other related modifications were a 157.5 main-jet and racing air box cover.
I live at 4300 feet and this works very well but I intend to refine the jetting settings on the dyno soon

My trip consisted of interstate, secondary roads, miles of rough dirt and some asphalt that was worse than the dirt. I operated the bike at many different throttle openings with and without the 77lbs of gear I had with me. The power band seems smoother, less abrupt, and yet it pulls noticeable stronger all over the power band.

I have removed the restrictor/spark arrestor and the bike is noticeable louder but it pulls even better down low. I like it best this way and plan to leave it out.

So far I have 3600+ miles on the exhaust and I have had:

No leaks
No corrosion
No change in sound to indicate repacking needed
No problems

Granted its exhaust what could go wrong? Well there are less than good quality products out there. This one stands above.


I love the sound. I love the appearance. I love the way the bike feels. I love my Wings
Consider this review a thumbs-up and a solid recommendation!

For more information you can contact Adventurers workshop

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