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Slight progress.

Some more pictures:

Brake pedal, made by putting slits in a piece of steel, bending these slits closed, and welding. The piece of pipe on top of it was necessary to prevent flexing. Thought that spot welding, bending a little, spot welding, etc. would work fine. Not... No drama; this project is mostly a learning experience, and trying different techniques is part of that.

I will probably have to relocate the footsteps and controls anyway, so i'll cut the next one from a piece of plate.

Oops, little accident when removing the front forks. Remember to always tie down (or up) the bike...
But in this state the bike is light enough to almost effortless lift it back up on the bike lift all by myself.

DR800 steering stem/triples was almost a direct bolt-on. It's only a litle too long and has a 'step' in the stem which needed to move a bit down. A regular metal file does the trick:

The rest of the length difference was filled with a spacer cut from a piece of Delrin using a jigsaw. Saves me another 5mm of steering raisers later

The (DRBig 800) front suspension doesn't hit the radiator and front cylinder head at full fork compression (springs out). Not much margin though. But I can drop the forks a little in the triples when needed.

Wheel in, handlebars (from an old DR650) mounted.

Now I will have to wait for the mailman to arrive with a stuff like a brakedisk, master cylinder, some lengths of Bowden-cable, etc. I also found the light unit/front mask of an XT660R whioch I have to pick up. Might be useable.
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