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Thanks to Basketcase:

My stock forks (full extension) are 35 1/4" from the fork cap to the axle centerline. Factory lowered should be 33 3/4".
Metric: stock; 89.5cm: lowered; 85.7cm

Stock fork spring spacer: 37mm diameter (1.465") - 40mm tall (1.58")

The stock DR shock is 455mm long with 128mm travel. (info from another inmate)
Stock rear spring rate is 6.5kg/mm

Stock shock preload:
10.0" (253.5mm) Softest
9.7" (247.5mm) Standard
9.4" (238.5mm) Stiffest

Stock links are 4.5" center to center (115mm)

Shock Spring Seat: stock and lowered

These pics are from the manual:
If you can see the notch at the arrow, your spring seat has been flipped to the lowered position and your shock travel is limited (by intent, when lowering). Also note that the bolt in the clevis changes holes.
Nothing is changed inside the shock.

Stock <-----------------------------------------------------------------> Lowered (yes, it looks raised)

For fork oil I measure 19.1 oz and pour it in each leg (565ml), per the manual. It's easier than the (compress fork with spring out and measure down 6.5"). When I had the forks apart I drilled and tapped each fork cap, 1/8 NPT. Always use a cutting oil when tapping alum, WD-40 works fine.

Ignore the fork being slipped up in the triple, it's just an experiment.

Then I use one of these with a zip tie loose enough to slide up-n-down. Now I can adjust my oil level without disassembly, which came in handy when I put a 320mm rotor on the front. The brake works so much better that the fork dive with .45 Eibachs, was too much for my liking. Stock oil level is 16-1/8" (forks fully extended, with springs and caps installed), I added 20ml and ended up at 14-7/8". That's 1 1/4" or 5/8" per 10ml. You don't even have to move your handi-bars, way better than removing the springs and collapsing the forks everytime you want to experiment with oil levels.

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Ignore the oil bubble:
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