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Originally Posted by Erwin8r View Post
How far is Gorman? I don't mind trucking my bike out. Is it noob friendly? I'm up for learning anything, but not trying to climb cliff faces or clear doubles my first time out...
I-5 north just before Frazier Park, It's got a little of everything. The MX track would be a little too much for the BRP, but on a lighter bike is a lot of fun, and I'm usually the slowest guy out there. The biggest plus is that it is not too far from civilization, and help is close at hand should you need it. If Gorman (Hungry Valley) is too far, Cleghorn, or Stoddard Wells, should be fun with lots of easy sections. It be nice if someone familiar with the area could join in. Ben99R1 where are you?
Also some guys were looking to go to Rowher Flats for a mud ride on Sunday. check out R-F breakfast club.
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