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Originally Posted by GSQuester View Post

Based on everything I've been reading here (and without actually ripping apart my new bike to check) it seems like these GS's have a "throttle by wire" system where there is no actual physical linkage between the throttle and the fuel valve(s), but rather everything is managed electronically. Is that right?

Call me paranoid, but I'm an engineer and have seen how easily little design flaws in electronics or software bugs can trigger bizarre and completely unanticipated behaviour. That's one advantage large organizations like BMW have over one or two person enterprises - they have teams of people dedicated to all the detailed code reviews, fault testing, and validation that are required to ensure product safety... and even then problems can still crop up - can you say Toyota?
Like Disco Dean said, the R1200 uses the traditional manual cable-operated throttle. Seriously though, you really couldn't tell just by looking?

History shows that small teams or individuals develop superior code. You want something fcuked up, let a committee design it.


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