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I commute about 25 miles including some gravel to the CS building at Purdue University. The main reason I started commuting on the bike was a loophole in the parking situation on campus. I can park my bike in the garage 10 feet from my building. The closest I can park a car is a mile walk. It is warmer for me to commute on the bike in the winter than it is to go out and warm up a freezing cold car, then drive it to an abandoned lot on campus and walk a mile in the freezing cold to my building. I can suit up in the warm, ride warm, and stroll in the doors without ever exposing skin to our single digit winters.

I am also a poor graduate student (who lucked into a 950 adventure but that is another story) so I can't really afford 'commuter' gear. So every morning I stroll into the building past the professors wearing my tech3s and clunk my way to my desk where I stuff all the gear underneath.

At first this was embarrassing but now it has made me a folk legend of sorts. I have had all sorts of other staff members I don't know ask if I am the guy with the crazy boots. It has also been a much needed ice breaker with some of the other students who come from countries where 2 wheels is the only wheels.

So... long story short, the ATGATT has actually been a big part of the commuting experience for me. Now I clunk through the hallways proudly and thoroughly enjoy when a professor takes time out of his single-minded research pursuits and notices something unusual going on. It is good fun.

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