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Re: Rich's

Said johnjen:
It's to bad you guys didn't go to Rich's custom seats up here in Seattle... Every seat is a masterpiece and I've never heard of ANY complaints. He even re-made a seat for a guy that wanted it to look good, but not fit well (the exact opposite of what he is all about) for FREE... A true artisan and craftsman and fun guy to hang with while your seat is being created....

Another Rich story. I've got a Russell and I love it. The only thing I wish I could get with it is a heated insert (like the Corbin and Rich's have...yeah yeah, I'm a wuss). Unfortunately, when I asked the good folk at Russell (before I bought my saddle), they told me that they'd had some requests for this, but hadn't gotten around to figuring out how to do it. The other day, I came out of work and sat on my freezing-ass cold Russell saddle and started thinking..."I wonder if Rich could do something?"

I called and spoke to Rich (in person) and found out that they would modify my Russell to add a heating pad, and could re-cover the Russell in any material I wanted! Of course, purple suede was the first thing that came to mind. The cost was (I think) $175. That's what I call service. I've seen their products on several friends bikes and was really impressed. The fit and finish seem to be top-notch.

Add Rich's to the list of MPM approved vendors.

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