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Just got my 230L a couple weekends ago. The only other bike i was looking at was the KLR at the time. I was looking for the cheapest best option and the crf fell in that slot. Plus I've always been a Honda guy! The KLR had a few perks over the CRF but I plan on passing the bike on to my wife as soon as it becomes too tame for me.

I'm sitting just under 180 miles right now and I love it! Most of the roads I travel are 45mph so I always have enough power to get around in traffic. Off road I think it handles great. I've rode and raced quads for about 8 years and this is the first 2 wheeler i've owned and the crf made the transition very easy. Can't wait to pipe it and mod that air box a bit to pull a little more power out of it. Oh and swap the tires so the sugar sand isn't as much of a hassle.
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