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Originally Posted by groop View Post
None of them are there? Normally there's one on each aisle.

you guys missed the chamois guy....he was there today and i got pics to prove it.....

Originally Posted by Hababam View Post
Did you guys see any SIDI's on sale at Long Beach show?


yep, fantastic deals on the sidi boots at extreme's. for instance the sidi adventure sells for $300 was $375 anywhere. i could not help it and got a pair with $90 savings. bring cash and you'll get better pricing.

overall, i think the show was great. in spite of the rain, the parking lot was packed. lots of people inside. it was good to see a lot of vendors out there trying to get our business and surviving in a tough economy. my hat's off to these folks. the least i could do for them is be there at the show.

this is one opportunity to talk to new vendors, factory reps, and look at new products.

i tried to get the attention of nicomomma and adventure godess as they cross shoreline in front of us. these gorgeous women don't turn their heads and look at a chevy pick up truck.....

anyway, cool to see many PPs...ktami, alon, foulplug, liorsmotoride, biggieFalls, dunerat, sgt and mrs smokers. later riddler, ti-d-bowl and i went to the yardhouse. good food but the service sucks (that was expected since the place was packed).

pics being uploaded.
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