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Thumbs down Well, Ok Two Thoughts

As in a previous post, I will be taking mine in next month to have a third fuel strip put in ( Original +2) on my GSA-ADV ( 18.8K miles).

1- If BMW keeps on having to install fuel strips in bikes, paying both parts and labor, you would think they are working on a different part to replace these or another system of measuring how much fuel is in the tank. They have got to be loosing money on these repairs and they will either one day have to just tell us to get lost, or come up with an improved strip

2-I would like a concrete answer as to what can be done to either disable the fuel sensor and turn off that damn golden triangle and flashing fuel warning or if an older float system can be used and just forget about looking at the fuel level indicator. ( Mine has the OBC so I may just be out of luck.)

BTW........This fuel strip has lasted about 8K miles and all that talk about using Chevron with Techtron, Non-Ethanol fuels, etc. is BS. I used techtron fuels almost exclusively on the last strip and even treated every 3-4 tanks with techtron additive and it still failed. And you know what? This bike is supposed to be an ADVENTURE BIKE ! I mean come on, if you ride this thing the way it is designed to be ridden you are not always going to be where you can get high-grade fuels.

Other than this issue, I love my GS and have had no other problems. Love the bike more every time I ride it. I just will not accept that one day I will have to put black tape over the golden triange and the top of the fuel level indicator on the expensive a motorcycle that is supposed to be a premium marqee ! ! ! !

And Finally ( maybe slightly off topic but ) I am sweating that new K1600GTL for me and the wife..........But if its got the same damn fuel strip........maybe not
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