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Revisiting the thread

I'd like to try this on my '92 Yamaha TDM 850. I've got a Datel voltmeter on the dash. I have it connected to a fuse panel (instead of the battery) just to keep things clean. Running just a vest and grip heaters will have the voltage down below 12 volts on the freeway in only 10-15 minutes. No accessories and voltage goes up past 14 volts easy.

Anyway, I got spare/used stator before I open the motor just in case.

It's obviously wound different than a Suzuki stator.

It's easy to locate the 3 wires going to the voltage regulator. I don't want to strip the sheathing just yet, but where it connects to the coils, the 3 wires turn into 4. 2 insultated and 2 bare copper.

So now I'm trying to figure which wires to cut, and where to solder them.

Please advise.
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