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The end of Day 2

It was already late and I was tired after such a long day riding in the cold.
The motel was as luxurious as to be expected, and the night came to an abrupt end once I hit the bed.

Luckily the GS started in the cold, wet morning and I set out, taking another spin in the French Quarter to hit a Chase bank. (I had my last paycheck which was post dated - this was it to get me to Cali and support me until I find some work.)
It was somewhat quiet and Bourbon Street was open for traffic. I wasn't going to stay, plus I had a lot of crap strapped to my bike, and while I hardly take the key out of the bike while traveling in rural areas, I had no doubt what could happen if I left my bike unattended here ... I wanted to start moving west now that I was south anyways.

Trying to get off the interstate now that I no longer needed what it had to offer me (safe passage) through the snow and ice of the Midwest, I head west through some of the Bayou's

No Nothing!

(sounds like something to me, nothing don't need no stinkin' sign)

I took a detour down a gravel road surrounded by swamp water, excited to go explore a little.
See, this ride I was going against my light and fast ways. There was not to be much off road adventures, and nothing hard core. Since it was going to be a cold ride I packed heavy, bringing along anything I thought would make this trip more comfortable to camp in the cold. The plan was to htoel it the first 2 nights due to weather, but then go the better route and camp the rest of the way west.
So I was heavy....
As I tested out the bike on the gravel, getting a feel for how she was to handle all loaded up I noticed all of a sudden I had no ABS when the rear wheel locked up.

Shit, what's up with the ABS?
The lights not on, so what the heck?....

Oh, wait, there's NO lights on!
My gauges were dead, along with the signals and computer.

This isn't good....

I'm now in the Louisiana back country with a half dead GS....

I had thought that my trouble were past me with my battery, thankfully the bike was still running and I immediately set out to get back to the interstate where I could at least get help when I needed it.

Maybe a half hour later I'm back on the highway and the bike is sputtering like it's running out of gas..... exit ahead..... go...... come on baby!.............finally died going down the ramp!

I rolled to about 50 yards from a gas station, and then pushed it the rest of the way.
Not the most stylish entrance I've had.

I called my buddy Ted @ A&S Cycle where I bought the bike for some advice... He emailed me the list of dealers in Houston, about 180 miles west.

Was this a battery problem or a charging problem?

I had already had one battery on this bike replaced under warranty from a sudden failure before, plus all the reports from others with a similar problem lead me to believe my battery had failed.
Currently I was about 10 miles outside Lafayette, LA with a dead bike.

I found a Honda dealer 8 miles away, right off the highway on the iPhone, then asked a guy dressed up in hunting gear for help jump starting my bike.

Eventually I got it started (luckily I had brought an improvised jumper cable that plugged into the tail going directly to the battery) only to have it die after idling for a minute while I got ready to ride.
Doing it all over again we got it started and I took off immediately... and after 5 minutes lost my gauges and lights..... and made it to the Honda dealer!

Turns out they have an identical battery for my bike, only this one has a Honda Logo on it and is made in the USA!

A new battery, drama's over, it's time to camp and get moving west!!!

Using the Oh So useful Campwhere App on the iPhone I found Sea Rim State Park campground on the Gulf of Mexico, about 155 miles from my current location. As it was 3 PM I could be there right after sunset said Mr. Garmin, but if I really hauled butt I could be there in time for sunset...

Texas here I come!
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