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The Spring Quest

Sourcing the springs from Lowe's Racing didn't work out as I expected. Fortunately, they are easy to do business with once you get hold of them, and the exchanges/returns were painless.

It turns out that the 4860 forks on the Adventure use 485mm long springs, while on the RFS bikes they are around 510mm, even though all the online applications lists I've looked at list the 510mm's as being for ALL 4860's. I didn't know this till I disassembled my forks. Brad is cutting down and grinding one of his longer sets to fit my forks, targetting the .48 to .50 range. There aren't enough preload spacers in there to be able to remove enough of them to run the longer springs without having way too much preload.

Brad mentioned that he was having a bunch of 485mm fork springs made in .48 kg/mm and .50 kg/mm rates for somebody on the West Coast. Anybody needing springs in these weights might want to give him a call. You heavier 950 guys may even want some .52's.

They can have made anything you want, I believe for $125-$150 per set of fork springs, or rear shock spring. The lead time could be the killer.

Yall be cool.

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