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Thanks for the kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the nation, albeit in such a short amount of time.

My main camera was a Kodak M893 no-frills Point/Shoot which has taken so much abuse, it is a wonder it still works. I keep it on a lanyard around my neck zipped into the front chest pocket of my Aerostich Roadcrafter. All of my moving shots were taken with the Kodak by using my left hand to pull it out, turn it on - point and shoot (including over the shoulder shots). It takes a while to get used to it but I can get it out and shooting in mere seconds now.

For many of my stopped shots, I used by HTC Droid Incredible smart phone which allows for some built in contrast/image improvement and on-the-go photo updates for friends back home.

Best of luck in your future travels and get some one-handed photo practice if you feel daring. It makes for excellent computer backgrounds
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