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To be honest I've got two sons and like all dads I've dreamed of us riding off into the sunset on these things.... but they don't have the slightest interest in the bikes at this point.... ( I have no idea how that happens... but some peoples children, well... anyway... )

That having been said... and it being almost a year since I quit..... I had this brain dead scheme to run off to Mexico on a bike... having a BMW F650... I called this friend of mine who lives in New York City... ( I mean IN NYC, like he's got no car )( we'll call him Mark cause that's his name ).... We get to yacking... and he's got a hankering for a scooter trip as well and frankly he's known for his long distance scooter rides all over the country... so we chat it up and kind of decide we oughta take the Honda's .... shoot since I have four.... maybe we should get Steve and .... oh hey I'll bet I can con Paul into this..... Shoot next thing you know.... there are four idiots planing a trip to Mexico on a bunch of Crappy old Honda's.....

The Crew...

I'm Keith Turk... ( bet that's a shock ).... retired Apache instructor pilot and general mechanic... I've set records over 200mph at every Land speed racing venue in the US... oh and I help run the East Coast Timing Assn.

Mark is our New York connection and he's a retired Lawyer... ( banking but we'll take whatever legal help we can get ).... he's also a hard core small bore motorcycle racer and one of our starters at the Maxton Mile.

Steve is an Ex Pat that Lived in Australia forever and is a devote Harley rider/ worked in a scooter shop kind of guy.... he's great with his hands... but mostly doing paperwork type stuff.... ( he's ends up being my asst. as he's got the time ) Steve is from Daytona Beach Florida.... Also a starter at Maxton with the ECTA

Paul... is a real life Nurse.... and we all know this thing is going to need a Nurse before it's over with .... he's been on Drag week with Hot Rod Magazine several times and we've just kind of hit it off.... he's an old school Harley guy as well.... From Kansas City Missouri...

So Mark, Steve and Paul are all Harley guys and I'm the only one that knows jack poop about 550 Honda's... but all these guys are very capable in thier own right....and genuinely shouldn't require a ton of hand holding if the junk breaks down....

The phone calls started.... back and forth... well what and yyy and Geez don't ya think we should have a zzz.... and and and ...... this goes on for a month or so while I'm getting the scooters ready for the ride.... So that, I guess is the next part of this hair brained fiasco....

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