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An Ordinary Camera - Extraordinary Results

Well, I wouldn't have thought that a Point-and-Shoot camera could have done all that, let alone your smart phone!
I too have a Kodak P&S camera (v1253) but it's slow to boot-up and focus. But, I take it with me on rides for when I'm stopped or pulled over. I also have a Canon Xti DSLR which is very much up to taking great shots in rapid succession, but it's bulky. I haven't taken it on rides for fear that it might be subject to too much jostling and vibration (even in my tank bag). I certainly wouldn't want to try using it "on the fly".
Once I get more comfortable with the bike I'll give it a try with my P&S camera. Or, I can try to rig up some kind of swivel mount for it (or a Go Pro) so it won't be too much of a chore (to get those good shots on the move). Then there is always the "helmet cam" approach which I will probably try in the future.
Thanks HBN for your quick and candid reply. I wish you happy trails on your GS!
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