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Okay Jack.... it's cold and your here reading ride reports cause you dont' want to take your candy ass out in it... Fair enough.... ( he rode to Alaska last year and made me endure his ride report.... Perfect .. sit back Jack... my turn)

So where were we... oh yeah .... getting our ducks in a row....

Basically it fell on me to make them run and lucky for me... I had Scott Korol and Stormy's Garage as a base camp.... Scott is outfitted with a brand new high tech DynaJet with all goodies and he's extremely competent on it... so first things first.... make them run well... or at least make sure they are all motorcycles....

Hmmm guess we oughta get some tires and chain as well..... So we order it all up in Bulk and nothing but the finest Chinese stuff for our trusty steeds.... Scott even makes me get new tube's.. ( they go in the black tires... both of them )

yes sir e bob... it's going to be a LONG trip....

nothing but the finest....

So we get these tires in and I go to work....all the bikes get new shoes and chains and we dyno them all.... with varying degrees of success.... 1-3 are fairly equal around 35hp at the rear wheel but #4 it's sucks out loud.... we get some jets in it and work it pretty hard and end up at 39hp... no kidding.... lot like a motorcycle, only down say 50hp...

Steve shows up from Daytona a couple of days early and starts helping out with the scooters... basically we simply ride them a lot.... the circle around my town of Enterprise is 15 miles and we do it two at a time for a couple of sessions each day.... the rest of the time we work on them and sort through the crap we find on each ride.... using the white board we simply write up the issues and take them one at a time in order of priority.

Steve turns out to be really good at finding ( / creating ) faults .... and we quickly see that all the bikes are going to need new starter buttons... so we rig up an assembly line and each of them gets a new button from Radio shack that should be "just Right" or not... but if not...they will ALL go bad!!!

here's a pic of the tires they all got... and this is AFTER the ride... so these puppies did just fine ( thank you Scott for your faith )... ( yeah he beat me up for being a tight wad... )( I win )

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