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The next day Steve and I worked at the head light on #2 and we built these little jacks we welded to the bottom of the side stands... it seems when we bought the tires they were substantially taller then stock and the bike just felt like it was falling over on it's side.... no big deal really you can see it in that last picture it's just a U channel welded to the bottom... worked great. We cleaned up our mess and headed out to pick up the Boys in Atlanta... we'll get back in the dark and I'll post again in the Morning....

Next Morning

Okay it's o'dark thirty... and I'm the only one up... ( my what a shock.. )... For those of you who don't know me I'm actually a VERY early riser... and I'm not good at sleeping... just the way I'm built...

Anyway we picked up Paul and Mark last night.. ( they all whinned like little school girls over the weaving truck... Bitch bitch Bitch.... ) anyway... they met and fell in love with the Honda's... and they said... Geez... you meet the Nicest people on a HONDA!!!.... LOL okay that isn't exactly what they said... but the other words Ain't repeatable...

Hey they signed up for this Defication... or goat fornificantion exercise.... LOL we were howling in the truck on the way home... Paul and Mark are going to be fun.... and best of alllllll... they took Pictures!!!

I'll get someone to post... oh and the trip from Atlanta for us was 225 miles.... Steve and I rode all day and then drove 450 miles round trip to pickup the boys
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