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Now before we get into Lunch.... I need to give Credit where it's due.... Mark took 99% of the pictures and often won't be seen cause he was taking the picture.... he's the guy riding Cafe Ole' and i'll let him fill you in on that of his own volition....but without Mark... we have NO pictures... and many of these are truly note worthy... ( rather then my pictures which simply SUCK out Loud )

Okay so here we go....

INTENT of the ride was to stay off 4 lane roads, Eat No Chain Food, Sleep in only shit box Hotels.... in other words to avoid Chains merchants of any kind and support our Mom and Pop economy..... We knew it wasn't a realisitic goal but it had enough merit to make it worthy of an attempt. Hell if we had a choice we stopped in locally owned gas stations....

Okay that was the intent.... we broke it within 4 hrs of leaving...but that was okay cause we were "trying"....

Anyway.... first lunch with and by Willie was at the Beacon Restraunt/roadside Cafe in Evergreen Alabama.... very cool old town....

This one show's Willie Fisher on the right... His Harley is hidden somewhere behind all that Glorious Honda sheeniery.... ( Keep in mind 100 miles into this trip on these girly honda's my possee is Eyeballing Willies Harley like its gold....)
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