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Originally Posted by Fubars View Post
I'd like to try this on my '92 Yamaha TDM 850.
Anyway, I got spare/used stator before I open the motor just in case.
It's obviously wound different than a Suzuki stator.

It's easy to locate the 3 wires going to the voltage regulator. I don't want to strip the sheathing just yet, but where it connects to the coils, the 3 wires turn into 4. 2 insultated and 2 bare copper.

So now I'm trying to figure which wires to cut, and where to solder them.
Well, it's not obvious from the photos. The 'Y' connection must be buried somewhere in the epoxy.

Rather than converting that stator from Wye to Delta I would send it to Ricky Stator or Rick's Motorsport Electrics and have it rewound for more output (or rewind it yourself).

A rewind was not practical for the DR because it has the ignition source coil wound on top of the stator coils.
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