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Okay so we wake up in the morning and we're somewhere just short of Texas.. I think, We have to climb a billy bad ass bridge to get over the Sabine river right at it's mouth in Lake Charles... I doubt there are any pictures of this as we're all holding on for dear life climbing this bridge and riding over this screwy ass Metal grating.... That goes on and ON.... and ON.... and the bikes are tracking in the grating and it's sucking a lot.... and some more and finally we're on the down side of it... And on to Texas....

Interesting for me is the View from the back side of this bridge is a place I've been before.... years ago in my well spent Youth I hung out in this area of the world quite a bit.... and this exact location is a place where I experienced a weather phenomenon that I've only seen that one time.... it wasn't nasty or bad in any way... but it was actually just strange..... there is a wind condition defined as Beaufort 1, it's where the sea is Dead calm and the wind is less then 1.5 mph .... in other words The air is Perfectly still.......... I was flying a helicopter we affectionately called a fart cart... ( OH-58 Kiowa ) ( similar to a Bell jet ranger ) and coming into this area to pick up a Chaplin Who was out with some infantry pukes....

Anyway.... basically I knew it was Beaufort 1 because the grunts had a fire for me to sight in by.... and the smoke went Straight in the air in a Perfect trail until it hits about 4000' and then it bent over 90 degrees and floated perfectly sideways in the winds at Altitude..... Very bitchen
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