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Originally Posted by rider914 View Post
I'm gonna add (or subtract, as the case may be) a little on that.

Under normal dry conditions, the roads I am planning to take are totally doable on a big-bike with a semi-experienced rider. After this week's weather... maybe not so. Should still be fun for semi-noobs on smaller bikes (650's included), but a dirt-virgin on a shiney new 990 is gonna struggle, especially if still wearing stock scorps.

I got no problem doing an uber-noob big-bike off-road orientation ride sometime, but wasn't really planning that for this sunday.

As always, up to you guys.

Beleive me I have been riding with RIDER914 for several years now.

If he tells you the ride is not going to be big bike friendly take his word for it. That is not an understatement. I can only imagine the condition the roads are going to be in and hope to make this one on Sunday.
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