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Originally Posted by tileman View Post
Ok, heres a query. If you were to use a dirt bike fork on a dual sport bike (f800 etc), change the travel (possible), change the spring length and rate (possible) what about damping?
Those are all pieces of the suspension pie, not individual components. When setting up suspension you have to consider everything, and how it all effects everything else. If you were to install a dirt bike fork on the 800 (as some people have), you would modify the valving to work with the characteristics of the 800. To not do so would pretty much completely defeat the purpose of swapping forks, not to mention you could very well end up with worse suspension.

Originally Posted by tileman View Post
As said earlier I think dirt bikes (high speed) road ish bikes (low speed) damping. If the valves are set for high speed what happens when oil weight for a road ish bike is added? Is there a problem with the oil flowing through other parts of the fork?
Bike type does not dictate oil weight. Most suspension tuners have one or two off the shelf oil weights that they'll put in all of the standard customer forks they do, from stiff track bikes to squishy trail bikes. Typically only for very low tech kit or for very high performance race machines is a different oil weight considered, and even then its usually not that different.

One thing to understand is that, while the high speed damping is stiffer on a road bike (that sees less big hits and has less travel) than a dirt bike, there's nothing inherently different between the internals of a street and dirt suspension--its just the specific tuning that's different. Different shim sizes and shapes, different shim stack profiles, sometimes different piston orifices/geometry...but that's about it. You could tune a sportbike to be as plush as a dirtbike off road (up until it bottomed out its 4" of travel), and you could tune a dirtbike to be as stiff and controlled as a track bike (but you would use a fraction of its 12" of travel).
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