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Originally Posted by BergDonk View Post
Not the DR. My 650 Berg has 63hp at the knobs, on the dyno, lights up at any speed in any gear, instantly. The suspension is also Frank Pons' WP test bed, been through a few iterations, and it just works, and has created a benchmark that causes me to try and get the DR up to in some areas.

I'm not trying the match the 63 hp, but better throttle response will be nice. With the jetting noted above it now works better than ever, but I know with an FCR it'll be better again. I'm familiar with FCRs, having fitted one to my 501 Berg years ago, as well as playing with the 650 Berg's stock one. And besides, I enjoy the shed time, I've never had a stock bike for long, just enjoy playing with them to improve them, and then ride them, analyse whats happening, and then play some more in the shed. I can't help myself, its a drug

I even built my first frame in the mid 1970s when I created a monocoque one for my highly tuned CB500, but that's a whole other story.

I met Snowy once, on a DSMRA ride in Tallaganda early this year. He'd not long fitted the forks, and I'd not long got my DR, so I was interested. I was hugely entertained on the day following him, seeing him run wide as he struggled to pull up it for turns, and overshooting many. No point going past as it was too much fun following, watching him create new trails

I know KTMatt too, as I've ridden with him a number of times on DSMRA rides, and he's had a play on my 650 Berg too, and he's building a bash plate for me.

I don't know what geometry differences exist with a RM/RMZ front end, but being off a similar spec bike, presumably the damping and springing is similar, so would perform somewhat the same perhaps, but as Snowy and others have said, huge improvement, even over my resprung, gold valved, and tuned and assembled by Frank stockers. And the WP front end offered a drgree of familiarity from my Bergs, and price was right on the day, so went that way. Now just got to service them and fit some new seals. Next week, got other priorities in the meantime, Merry Christmas.

That makes sense.

The berg produces stupid silly power and weighs nothing. I am glad you are not claiming those ponies from the DR.....mind you I saw some supermono's in the UK making those sort of numbers from the DR donk but hand grenades I must say.

Since Snowy fitted the RMZ swingarm, his bike well and truly out handles the engine. It is a credit to him and makes you want one....for a bit.
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