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Laugh Rear brake mounted

A heap of cutting with the grinder and a quick linish. I have now got rear brakes.

Once I had the bottom bolt of the footpeg mounted, I then just worked my way up the bracket mounting all of the bits. First drill and tapped the bracket to fit the brake leaver and then I drilled the threads out of the master to make them clearence holes. Once I had these drilled out I could work out the radius of the actuating lever on the back of the brake lever and in turn align the master cylinder and drill and tap mounting threads. I have left the top mounting bolt out of the foot peg bracket because I want the pegs to be parallel with the ground when its finished, due to there being no motor the back of the bike is sitting up quite high so this will be one of the finishing touches. Using a mate mill I will be removing some excess metal to reduce some weight and in one section I will take 4mm off the surface to shift the master and the brake lever towards the center of the bike.

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