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Hey man...that's not exactly a "product", more a technology that we use in MotoGP.

read on....

Maintaining the rider cool inside the suit and managing to contain his body temperature even at high environmental temperatures: these are the reasons the AIS (Anatomic Intercooler System) is born.

Back in 2004, the AIS cooling system was developed by Spidi for Sete Gibernau for what was going to be the hottest race of the year: the Qatar GP at Losail, then held during the day. The AIS was integrated in Sete’s racing suit guaranteeing him a better comfort and thus improving the rider's overall safety.

AIS technology originally was developed by ESA (European Space Agency) and Grado Zero Espace research centre in Italy. Spidi took this concept and trasferred it to motorcycling: a ‘personal cooling system’ technology previously used in Formula 1 and aerospace that no one imaged could have been transferred to a motorcycle racing suit.

“By far, the most difficult thing was to integrate all the AIS vital components with the anatomy of the suit, because we could just not compromise on the original safety and fitting of Sete’s suit. It’s been tough, but in the end I can say we are really satisfied by the result”, explains Pietro Zanetti, director of Spidi Safety Lab.

The cooling system is based on water cooled by icy gel running through a serpentine that is placed across the chest and around the neck. This serpentine is then integrated into a custom-made anatomic vest to be worn under the suit, while an ultra light battery and a micro water pump are inserted inside the suit hump and conntected to the circuit.
All these elements integrate so well into our racing suits that the Hydroback system can sit alongside it and provide extra comfort. Usually, every rider chooses the use them both.

Here is how AIS looks:

Thing is the switch to MotoGP raised the bar for high temperatures in racing: those 1000cc engines were devastatingly hot for pursuing riders who had to face 120F to 140F all while trying to overtake during a World GP, that is the definition of ROUGH.

That's why first we decided to try to give Sete an egde, who was one of the favourite to win the Championship back then. And now we are still providing this system to our riders who demand it: basically the same Sete wore but with lighter, more durable batteries.

Over the years, the system proved to be very hard to market as the components used would be too expensive for general public, especially the ESA engeneered pump which is still sold at an unmanagebale price. Also, on average, the system provides cooling for about 50 minutes/1 hour (the time of a single MotoGP race) and then you have to cool it back again with icy gel bars. That's decisely not something for the general rider.

However, we have made progress in the cooling field as we developed a simpler, more essential system of helping the riders out there with the AIRACK VENTILATION SYSTEM (featured by Granturismo Pro jacket).

Here you can see it applied on Granturismo Pro jacket: you can open/close the channels to activate/de-activate the air channeling accoring to outer temperature. These channels are integrated into the jacket's build: they are ultra light and barely detectable. This is one of our patents focused on riders' comfort.
Established in 1977, Spidi is a world leader in technical motorcycle apparel.

Spidi is creator of Ergo Jacket.

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