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Originally Posted by kezzajohnson View Post
Now you've got me worried. I haven't heard of the cush bearing failure before but I don't doubt (especially with the Stay Upright experience), that there could be an issue there. I would be interested to know how many other DR owners might have had the same problem but perhaps think that theirs was an isolated case.

I changed mine out, including wheel bearings, as a matter of routine service at around 15,000kms. They were all looking pretty 'ordinary' by then, but were only the single sided seal type (OEM), and having only been checked and lubed once previously. I did upgrade to quality CBC bearings (blue double sided seals) but can't remember how much they were, but do know they weren't cheepies. I don't understand how the bearing could be off centre in the carrier however. That is really strange.
I had a cush drive bearing fail on my last DR. Locked at 115kmh just cresting a rise, the released and locked again. I kept it upright. The bearing wasnt that old but I think something damaged the seal and we had been riding in sand that day. I had been hearing a strange noise but couldnt trace it.
Trashed the cush drive an bent a new chain
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