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Yeh, the cracking swingarm is a worry. My thinking at this stage is that I'm not doing big air, and with a properly controlled movement with the Ohlins, which was put in the mail yesterday, so maybe arrives today, will result in a more controlled movement and reduced shock (sic) loadings on the swingarm. We shall see, but it doesn't seem to be that many, ie other than Snowy, reporting it as a problem AFAIK.

Chronic issues I've become aware of apart from the upper chain roller is the cush drive bearing, which could have killed me when it failed, derailing the chain and locking the rear wheel, and I'm told the kill switch is an issue when exposed to bulldust and fine sand. The supposed fix which I've implemented is to remove the detent spring so it doesn't stay 'killed'.

I know of a couple of other DR650s locally with failed cush drive bearings, which the owners assumed to be one offs at the time. The training and tour company I'm associated with, Stay Upright, used to carry the cush drive bearings with them and often changed tham at the end of day maintenance.

My original cush drive bearing failed at 14,000 kms. Having a close look reveals that it is not centred on the sprocket, so there is twisting moment applied that possibly contributes to premature failure. I plan change it out at say every +/- 10,000 kms, or each new chain, or something, but failure is catastrophic, and painfull, and they only cost about $6 and take about 10 mins to change. It may also be that the original not having double seals didn't help.

Hey Snowy, where abouts did the stock swingarm crack or break ?
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