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it's less then 200 miles to New Orleans and the weather is supposed to clear... we should get there Early and get a head start on our drinking practice... or so the story goes....

But Damn.... I can think of nothing worse then loading up and taking off into the Rain.... Nothing... unless it's my Junk Motorcycle breaking down in the rain which it's done several times along this trip........ Now you talk about unpopular... when it quits and the boys are standing around in the rain giving you the "Stink Eye" cause your Junk just broke YET again..... whew... it's only slightly better to pack up and ride off into the rain...

Hmmmm what freaking fun we're having now eh Ollie?

We finally get her going and just like they say... the weather starts to clear up and life seems to improve 200%....we're on Motorcycles heading into New Orleans for a night of debauchery and mayhem.... ( use your imagination here... and forget that mild piglet comment )....( I'm trying to remember what those two words mean ... it just sounds fun don't it? )

and We're riding....

I'm not sure exactly where it was... but we stopped and got something to eat... maybe one of the other guys can remember.... but Mark and I got something that didn't sit well.... with me it was almost instant.... we were back on the scooters after eating and inside of 30 minutes I was sick as a dog.... my stomach was upset and I just felt Horrible.... like I wanted to crawl up in a ball and die.... I remember we pulled into a gas station somewhere and I got some counter drugs... pepto and stuff..... but getting back on the scooter was just all I could stand.... we were only 60 or so miles out of New Orleans... but damn... I should have told the boys to go ahead and kept Paul with me... but he really couldn't do anything for me.... and we were in this mess together...... So after a few breaks ... we crawled this little bit into town...

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