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Originally Posted by johngil View Post
The Traxxion forks would be around the same as the WP forks and need service yearly as well, so I guess I'm missing the point.
I'm guessing you don't service your suspension. Or do you do it yourself?
Originally Posted by AKTroy View Post
I my point was it seem kind of a steep bill for just maintaining a pair of forks. Ive alway just changed the oil every couple years and the seals if they leaked.
You're right on the money AKTroy. Regular non-gas-charged oil-valved cartridge forks do not require a full rebuild as frequent as yearly unless you're racing enduros all season. Regular yearly no-race service on a non-gas-charged oil-valved cartridge fork is much less expensive since it's typically just an oil change, unless a seal or two needs replacing. Oil: $25 give or take $5. Seals (if they need replacing): $35 give or take $5. The rest is a visual inspection, maybe replace bushings. If something is noticed and needs replacing, it could hike the price a wee bit, but not much more. So the point is this: you pay more up front for regular non-gas-charged oil-valved cartridge forks (Ohlins, Rec-tech, Traxxion), but the regular service over time is less expensive. Typically just oil every year for the average GS rider. Seals and bushings every 2-3 years.

Service from suspension experts on regular non-gas-charged oil-valved cartridge forks is cheaper as well:
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