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Originally Posted by Bayner View Post
It can't get too big or it interferes with the center stand. It also becomes easier to tear it off when off road. I haven't figured out a perfect solution yet for mine, as I also need about 2 inches of extra height. (To match the suspension mods.) Right now I'm using a piece of 3 inch aluminum round stock milled out to a dish-like shape. It's light enough and hasn't ripped off yet. It was easy enough to drill and tap the bottom of the stand to secure it, and it has held up better that way than the ones I tried to secure from the top or sides (as most do).

What are you getting into off road that is ripping that side stand footprint enlarger off?

Certainly not sand, dirt, or mud. Thick weeds, reeds, or thick brush? Tall rocks? Bushes?

I've ridden a lot of tough sections and the last thing that gets impacted by anything is my side stand.

That said. I've been actually thinking about removing my side stand and taking it to some one to weld on a larger piece of flat metal than is already there.
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