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I take your point on some of these Griz. I've both hard and soft cases, and I think that on balance, given the plan is to circumnavigate, if the adventurer isn't a total pansy, there'll be some tough terrain, thus out of all of the recommendations, this would come top of my list. But each to their own and the German myth of 'hard luggage=best luggage' is one I'd want to avoid.

Regarding mirrors, I'm not saying bin them, I'm just saying that the OEM one's aren't very forgiving in an accident, and they're also pretty heavy. Adv Spec offer a much lighter and crash friendly option. Yes, a headlight protector is worth the investment.

Happy new year mate.

Originally Posted by The Griz View Post
Some of things you're recommending dropping might be a slight annoyance through Mongolia, yes. They could also, however, prove very nice and useful for the rest of the world! Prepping for the world is a balancing act. Some things that are annoying in certain countries could prove comfy/helpful/very useful in others. The balance.

I myself would stick with the hard bags. Again, they might be a tad of a pest in harder countries (which are fewer than the easier countries btw), but could prove very comfortable and useful in the other 90% of the trip. Just sayin'.

I'd have to agree with this one.

I agree with this one as well.

If I myself am riding my motorcycle around the world and am going to be on it for months and/or years, I'd want to like how it looks upon leaving too! Besides, it's fun!

IMO light is good, yes. But you're actually going to want to make it around the world! Protective items like crash bars and skid plates and headlight guards are essential. The HID's? I agree. Ditch 'em. Autocom? I agree. Another trinket to break down. Mirrors? Maybe in Mongolia where there's no traffic, but they're going to come in very useful in the other 90% of the countries with traffic! I say remove 'em and pack 'em away when they present a problem, pull 'em out and use 'em the rest of the time!
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