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obviously you missed the point that in your original post you talked about waterproof motorcycles and not waterproof GPSs.

lighten up Francis

Originally Posted by The Griz View Post
Funny post, ha.. ha.. ha.., but with all your "non waterproof bikes", have you ever ridden them in the rain? Have you ever had one "short out" in the rain? Or have any sudden electrical problem in the rain?

Probably not. That's because (I can't believe I'm having to explain this ) motorcycles are designed to be able to handle rain. Just like cars are. Ever hear a motorcycle manufacturer say "just one thing: don't ride this bike in the rain". Nope.

If you don't ever ride in the rain, that's one thing. Kind of wussy, but one thing nonetheless.

Bolt on a non-waterproof GPS and get into the rain out on a ride or on a trip. See how long your non-waterproof GPS lasts.

Me? I keep riding no matter what. Rain or shine. And I don't want to have to remove and stow my GPS just because of some rain. I'd like to continue to use it, even in the rain. So for me waterproof GPS +1 non-waterproof GPS 0.
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