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At one point intime people used to travel all over the world without any cell phones...this was only about 15 years ago. So, the point is that you should always assume that you won't be able to use a cell phone and travel prepared. If you are going out in the middle of nowhere I would carry an extra pump and know how to change it. I have looked around a bit and found pumps from other vehicles that are about the same size and the correct pressure rating that could be used. My pump is still working ok but if/when it goes my plan is to convert to a different setup. I used to carry a spare pump on the 950 because I took that into all sort of remote places.

I have not found an external pump yet but it would be nice to switch to one for ease of service and diagnostics. You could always remove the efi system and go to a carb setup with parts from the rally bike.

Good luck, let us know what you find.
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