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Originally Posted by toofast4uu View Post
Still sorting through the vids....Here's one from our first day in Grand Junction...

after you crested and did a couple double takes to your right. do i sense a "oh shit is that the way down?!?" moment

Originally Posted by DougZ73 View Post
Awesome RR. Makes me wish I had the means to ride past NJ.

Its hard to know, without going through them all, to find a ride report, and know its going to be good. But, since I saw that Gregor had started this one, and had read the other RR with the couples riding two up, I knew this would be a good one.

Gregor, question for you. When you guys did the stops for pictures, did you break out a tripod?? Some of the shots look like they would require one, but not sure if you carried one with you.

I am in the process of learning to take the best shots I can with my Canon P&S( see link in sig), and soak up as much information as I can from others. I can see taking my tripod on my street bike..not so much on my DRZ.

what about setting up a ram mount? have one set up on the handlebars or maybe on the back rack if you have one. not for leaving your camera on but you could stop and use the whole bike as a tripod.

base, arm or arm and adapter

maybe the company would respond to a couple requests for a longer arm for this purpose. i like the second one i linked but i don't think it as tall as the first. i also do not know how the swivel works as far as if the tension is adjustable or not. it appears to me that you would be able to angle back wards the setup to balance the weight of the bigger cameras with longer lenses and the plate setup would help distribute the weight on the bottom of the camera. while with the P&S's the arm could be as upright as needed

great rr fellas
We're gonna go ridin!!!
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