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Sorry to hear all the stories

about Rick's saddles, but I am a happy camper with his work on my LT saddle. In fact, mine was the first new style LT he had done and while it took a bit longer than expected (about 3 weeks) the end result is perfect for my ass.

The wife's ass was in fact a different story and we rode on up to his place for a final adjustment. Nice suroundings and fast service.

The wife "thought for sure" it was perfect when we left and felt the same way when we got back home (130 or so miles). however on our first long ride with the new saddles, but the time we hit Arkansas (1500 or so) she had the most painful looking red ass cherries on each cute cheek. Now I understood her bitching the last 500 miles or so.............

Not wanting to subject her to the same ride home, I found someone willing to trade out for a stock rear seat and she's in heaven again.

As someone else mentioned here, she tended to slide down and forward on the RMC seat even after he scooped a bunch more foam out. I think he may be used to building for big assed babes as the padding was too thinck to compress even after time. Thw wife weighs in at about 110 and there's not much natural pading on that butt, but I like it all the

Fish- I am suprised that you had such a difficult time getting a refund, BUT did you really expect to receive full credit for front and rear when you returned only front? Hell I could have done that and kept my rider seat (which I love) for free, eh?

Don't quite understand spending good money for RM seat then before asking for a refund, spending the bigger bucks and sending what you had paid for and were unhappy with, to Russell....

Hell that RMC might've fit me and 'd have traded you even up.
You'd have had a like new stocker and I'd have had the RMC i'm planning on getting........... but now you guys got me thinking.....Rich's, Russell and maybe even Rocky mayer...... hmmmmmmm
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